Scott Pietruszka

Scott is the founder of Equity Major, LLC. He is responsible for property acquisitions, repositioning strategies, overseeing underwriting, raising capital, asset management, and investor relationships. Scott has prior experience in both multi-million dollar residential developments and outdoor space architecture. Scott has worked in the finance industry since 1999. Through his investment experiences over different asset classes, he recognizes how investing in commercial real assets can be the optimum method for wealth preservation, wealth accumulation, and the transfer of wealth through generations. Scott began his finance career as an asset manager for Park Ave Securities in New York. For over 10 years at this firm, he managed institutional funds and accounts of high net-worth individuals. By forming a team of experts, Scott was able to build tax-efficient investment strategies with a broad range of investment vehicles for his clients. After working for Park Ave Securities, he is currently CEO of GBP Capital Inc. which is an asset management consulting firm.

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Jon D'Aversa

Jon retired from a professional Ice hockey career spanning over a decade. He was signed by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2007 and then went on to spend the second half of his pro career overseas in Europe. Jon first got a taste for real estate when he purchased an investment property at age 21, reinvesting the profits into multiple subsequent properties.  In addition, he brings a wealth of knowledge from his time living throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe before planting roots in the US. He has been involved in identifying, buying, renovating, managing, and selling both residential and commercial properties. Over the years he has developed strong, deep relationships with a solid network of investors resulting in lucrative partnerships. Jon's style is very hands-on; he prides himself on conducting thorough research and due diligence while maintaining an active pulse on competitive market trends.

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At Equity Major we provide our investors with commercial real estate opportunities so they can achieve security and prosperity.


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